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Bernie Place Franchise Store Owner

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I'm Planning My Retirement!

But I need to find the next great
Wild Birds Unlimited store owner first.

I'm getting older and have made the decision to retire, right AFTER I have found a perfect new owner for my shop.

I want all of my wonderful and faithful customers and friends to know these four things:

I am NOT going out of business.

I will be here for you and continue to operate my shop until I find the right buyer for it.
I am going to find the best buyer I can, who will love you and the birds and the business as I have over the past 31 years.
Only after that will I retire, even if it takes a little while!

I have LOVED owning this store and getting the chance to meet all of you while sharing my love of the birds. But we all reach new phases in our lives and I want to get the wheels turning to start my retirement years. I hope to travel some, but I also just want more time to enjoy the birds right in my own yard.

If you know anyone who would like to:

Turn a hobby into a business
Feel pride in running a local business which is engaged in the community and employs local people
Gain satisfaction from providing creative and educational opportunities for our customers
Experience joy from bringing people and nature together
Work for themselves with flexible hours and have fun at the same time

My store is an established and successful business that has a great staff and vendors in place, a brand with an excellent track record and with a large and loyal customer base.

Contact Seth Holan at [email protected] (Manager of Franchise Development).
Or contact me at [email protected]

Thank you again for all your support and participation in such a wonderful hobby.

Happy Birding,

Bernie Place, Owner, Wild Birds Unlimited of Toledo, Ohio